Is Ellen DeGeneres selling her Montecito home?

Location Montecito, Calif. … Though they’ve owned dozens of homes across Southern California, DeGeneres and de Rossi also quietly sold their priciest home ever, unloading their epic Cape Dutch-style estate for exactly $55 million.

Did Ellen DeGeneres buy the house from selling sunset?

Ellen DeGeneres

The Oppenheim Group’s own website couldn’t resist bragging about their incredible sale, as it states she bought “the best house in Los Angeles” for a tidy sum of $40 million.

Does Ellen DeGeneres live in Montecito California?

‘The talk show host and actress couple bought the Montecito property in 2013 for $26.5 million. Known affectionately as ‘The Villa’, this home draws inspiration from classic 17th-century Italian villas.

What is Ellen’s address in Montecito?

DeGeneres and de Rossi bought Rancho San Leandro at 308 Ennisbrook Drive in September 2017 for $7.2 million. The property, which sits outside the Birnam Wood Golf Club, has multiple structures centered on an 1850s-era home that totals 3,100 square feet.

Where is Portia de Rossi living?

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi just bought a new home in Beverly Hills. Scroll through to peek inside their latest acquisition.

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How many houses Ellen own?

Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t just flip houses—she buys, renovates, and sells them at a massive mark-up. Since 2003, the talk-show host has owned more than 20 properties with her wife, Portia de Rossi, but insists that their real estate ventures are driven by a passion for architecture and decorating.

What celebs live in Montecito?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle live in a $14.7 million home in Montecito, California. The exclusive Santa Barbara neighborhood is popular with celebrities. Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Rob Lowe, and Ariana Grande also call Montecito home.

Is Montecito expensive?

Montecito has been named 7th in the top ten most expensive zip codes in the United States. … Thirty of the top 100 priciest zip codes have median prices of over $3 million, more than twice the number of areas at that price last year.

What kind of car does Ellen Drive?

The comedian and host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show is another Porsche lover. “Oh, yeaaah ,” her office confirmed, without surrendering specifics. She’s especially fond of the 911 and its variants. In fact, one article noted a paparazzo’s photo of Ellen and her actress wife, Portia, cruising in a Ferrari.

What is Ellen DeGeneres number?

Ellen DeGeneres’s Phone Number

Text Ellen DeGeneres at 310-455-8858.

Does Ellen have a child?

DeGeneres, 63, does not have any children with her wife Portia de Rossi. The two have been married since Aug. 16, 2008 and just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary.

What is Portia de Rossi doing now?

She is currently founder and CEO of the art company General Public. She also portrayed Olivia Lord on the American television drama series Nip/Tuck (2007–2009) and Veronica Palmer on the American television sitcom Better Off Ted (2009–2010). De Rossi is married to comedian, actress, and television host Ellen DeGeneres.

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How did Ellen DeGeneres meet Portia de Rossi?

The twosome first met at a party in 2000, but it wasn’t until 2004 that they would become more than just acquaintances. Their relationship, which began after VH1’s Big in ’04 awards show, gave de Rossi the confidence she needed to publicly come out as gay.