What can an inactive real estate agent do in Texas?

You will receive an inactive license after passing the state exam and completing all of the requirements of your license application. With an inactive license, you will technically be a licensed Texas real agent; however, you will not be able to perform any real estate related activities.

What can you do with an inactive real estate license in Texas?

You can apply for a reinstatement of a license if that license has been expired for more than six months, but less than two years. Once your license has been expired for more than two years, you must reapply for the license and would be subject to current requirements, including the required education and examination.

How long can you have an inactive real estate license in Texas?

Texas. A license for a realtor in Texas lasts for two years, giving you plenty of time to decide if you want to let your license expire. If you leave your license inactive for a maximum of two years and don’t renew it, it will expire.

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What is an inactive realtor?

“Inactive” status indicates that the licensee is in good standing with the Board of Registration of Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons, has not completed the required number of continuing education credits during the prior renewal period, but has paid the licensing fee for the current two-year period ending on his/ …

What does an inactive license mean?

Inactive license means a license that has expired because it was not renewed by the end of the grace period. The category of “inactive license” may include licenses formerly known as lapsed, inactive, delinquent, closed, or retired.

What can you do with an inactive real estate license?

When you have an active real estate license, you can work as a real estate agent and perform real estate brokerage activities. If you do not have a sponsoring broker, you will be issued an inactive real estate license. If you hold an inactive license, you cannot engage in any real estate brokerage activities.

How do I reactivate my Texas real estate license?

If you renew your license from 6 months to 2 years after your renewal date, you must apply to reinstate your license. You can do this by submitting a Reinstatement of Real Estate Sales Agent License or Broker License by Individual form and paying the required $190 renewal fee.

How do I go inactive on TREC?

You will receive an inactive real estate license after you have completed the following: 1) Completed the 180-hour pre-license course. 2) Submitted a license application with TREC. 3) Had your fingerprints taken. 4) Passed the state exam.

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What happens if my Texas real estate license expires?

You may renew your license up to six months after the expiration date (Additional late fees may apply). After six months and up to two years past the expiration date, you may apply for reinstatement of your license. After two years past the expiration date, you will have to reapply and pass the state exam again.

Why is my MLS inactive?

Inactive real estate listings are frequently associated with an area’s real estate Multiple-Listing Service, or MLS. … Frequently, if you see a property listed as “inactive” in an MLS, that means it’s not for sale. However, inactive listings in real estate don’t mean those properties might not be up for sale again.

What are active listings in real estate?

An active listing on a real estate portal means the corresponding property is currently for sale. The seller hasn’t accepted any offers.

What does not an active distressed listing mean?

A: This could mean that the foreclosure process has started, that the Seller is trying to sell the property during the process and prior to a Trustee sale (in California), and that an offer may have been submitted by a buyer and accepted by the Seller.

Who can file a trec complaint?

A person may file a complaint with TREC against any of these real estate professionals if the person believes the professional violated statutes or Rules enforced by the Commission. The time limit for complaints is four years from the date of the incident.

Which of the following is true of a licensee in inactive status?

Which of the following is TRUE of a licensee in inactive status? The licensee may perform acts requiring a license but may not be compensated.

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How long can a real estate license be inactive in PA?

If your license is currently inactive or expired, you have five years from the date of inactivity or expiration to reactivate your license without taking the licensing examinations. Your completed application for reactivation must be received in our office before your five year deadline.

Which of the following is an act an unlicensed associate Cannot legally perform?

The unlicensed associate cannot represent him/herself as being a licensed broker or as someone who can legally engage in buying, selling, exchanging, renting, leasing, managing, auctioning, or dealing with options on any real estate for others.