What is Matrix in real estate?

CoreLogic’s Listing Management Platform is the #1 industry standard for listing information about properties.

How do I list my house in the Matrix?

Once in Matrix, click the input tab, and then add new. Follow the prompts to enter your listing data. Take your time and get all the information—homes with more data are easier to search for and tend to sell faster. When you’re done, click Submit Listing to publish your listing.

What is realist in real estate?

Realist® from CoreLogic® is a public-record database that seamlessly integrates with your MLS system, allowing your members to quickly research properties and listings, assess market conditions and trends, value homes, identify comparable sales, market to buyers and sellers, and create custom exports.

How do you find a matrix?

Matrix platform’s navigation menu bar allows you to access the search features in several ways. When you hover over the search tab you will see a drop down menu from which you can select the type of search you want to run.

How do you put an open house in the Matrix?

Adding Open Houses in Matrix.

  1. Click Add/Edit from the home page.
  2. Select the listing you want to add an open house for in the Quick Modify drop-down menu. …
  3. Click Open House on the Modify Listing screen.
  4. Enter the Date, Time, Attended information, Open House Type, and any additional fields, as necessary.
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How do you put an open house in the MLS Matrix?

To add an open house, log in to Matrix and click the input tab. Select the MLS number from the drop-down or enter it in the text box and click edit. Then select Open Houses, enter your information and hit Submit Listing. That’s it — your open house is added!

How do I upload to Matrix?

Matrix: How to Upload an Agent Photo

  1. Log into CRMLS Matrix.
  2. Click on the Add/Edit tab, then type your Agent ID/Office ID in the Quick Modify field under Roster and click Edit.
  3. On the next page, click Manage Photos.
  4. Once on the Manage Photos page, you can upload your photo and click the Save button.

What is CoreLogic Matrix?

CoreLogic Listing Management Platform (Matrix™)

CoreLogic’s Listing Management Platform is the #1 industry standard for listing information about properties. It embraces the perfect combination of efficiency and innovation to help real estate professionals find listings clients will love.

What is Matrix MLS system?

Matrix is our primary, full-featured MLS system where licensed Realtors and Appraisers search and find properties for sale, conduct market analyses, set up listing portals for their clients, run reports and more! Public tax records are fully integrated for complete data on every parcel in one place.

What is trestle CoreLogic?

What is Trestle™ by CoreLogic®? Trestle is a real estate data distribution platform. It aggregates and normalizes data from disparate sources, automates the data licensing process, and provides fast and standardized programmatic data interfaces.

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What is ns in real estate?

Sold conditional and are available for showings Active—- NS ANS Conditional Sale—No Showings.

What does NS stand for in real estate?

A home may have an “Active – No-Show” status if the seller has stated that the home cannot be toured at that time.

What is Matrix Treb?

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) has signed an agreement with CoreLogic to offer the Matrix MLS platform as another MLS front-end option, in addition to Stratus. … The board says having more than one MLS front end will provide flexibility and choice to brokerages, members and partner boards.