How do I reschedule my real estate exam in NY?

​You can reschedule your state exam anytime within 6 days prior to your exam date. To reschedule your exam date, log in to your eAccessNY account and click on “View Scheduled Exam Details”. Then click on the “Reschedule” button and follow the instructions.

What happens if I miss my NYS real estate exam?

If you do not show up to your exam, you will forfeit the exam fee in almost all cases. You will need to pay the full fee again (or sometimes a smaller re-examination fee) to take the exam another day.

How do I reschedule a salesperson exam?

You can change or cancel your exam date by using the eLicensing Online System. You can also submit a Salesperson Exam Change Application. The first time you reschedule your exam date, you will be subject to a $15 first-time rescheduling fee.

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How many times can you take NYS real estate exam?

You can take the NY state licensing exam as many times as needed until you pass. You simply have to schedule a new attempt through your eAccessNY account and pay the $15 examination fee.

Can you take the NYS real estate exam online?

Applicants are required to schedule their Real Estate Salesperson exam online. In order to schedule your examination, you must have an eAccessNY account. In addition to being able to apply for the exam, you will be able to view your scheduled exam details and exam results online.

What state has the hardest real estate exam?

Colorado is regarded as the hardest state since agents need to cover 160 hours of education, pass two tests, pass a background check, and be fingerprinted. In contrast, most other states require less than 100 education hours, with the majority falling with the 40-hour requirement.

Can I renew my real estate license after it expires NY?

If your NY real estate license has been expired for more than 2 years, you must retake the NY state licensing exam and apply for a new real estate license. You can renew your license through your eAccessNY account up to 3 months prior to the expiration date.

How do I get a Txrel ID?

Your TREC ID number is included on the eligibility letter you will receive from TREC after you complete the 180-hour pre-license course and submit your license application. You will need to use your TREC ID number when you get your fingerprints taken and when you register for the state licensing exam.

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How do you study for the real estate exam?

7 Study Tips for Passing Your Real Estate Exam

  1. Review What’s on the Exam. …
  2. Create Digital or Physical Notes for Key Concepts. …
  3. Read Your Notes. …
  4. Don’t Reach Out to Practicing Agents. …
  5. Take Several Practice Real Estate Exams. …
  6. Understand How To Take Tests. …
  7. Stay Positive and Upbeat.

How do I find my TREC ID number?

This number can be found in your eligibility letter which TREC emails to you once they have finished processing and accepted your application. It is needed for you to sign up for your fingerprinting appointment and to schedule and take your exam with Pearson VUE.

Is the NY real estate exam difficult?

Passing the New York real estate exam is not as hard as you think if you are prepared, calm, and thorough. Commit to the steps above, and you should pass the test no problem and become a licensed real estate agent.

How many times can you fail NYS real estate exam?

You are allowed multiple attempts at the 75-hour NYS real estate salespersons course final exam. If you do not pass the final exam during your first attempt you can keep trying until you pass provided you are with your course expiration period.

How long does it take to get results of NYS real estate exam?

It takes around 2 weeks for the state to issue your NY real estate exam results- Exam results will be available online, through your account in eAccessNY. The exam results will be available as soon as possible after they are received by the Exam Unit and scored.

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Where do I take the NY real estate exam?

​You must take the NY state licensing exam at one of the Department of State’s 12 proctoring locations within New York State. You can click HERE for a list of all 12 proctoring locations along with their addresses.

How much is the real estate exam in NY?

Examination Fee: $15

The state of New York creates and administers the qualifying exam you must take and pass in order to apply for a real estate salesperson license. The exam consists of 75 multiple-choice questions. You must obtain 70% or better in order to pass it, and you are given 1.5 hours to finish it.

When can I take the NYS real estate exam?

Most students schedule their NY state licensing exam after completing the 75-hour NYS real estate salespersons course since the course will prepare them for the exam. However, you can still schedule and take the state exam prior to completing the 75-hour course.